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PK U.S.A. President Mr. Masakazu Nakayama retiring on April 1

For a little over 14 years, Mr. Masakazu Nakayama has led PK U.S.A. North America. Under his leadership, PK U.S.A. has grown and prospered with expansions, crucial growth and technology updates that included axle related business for many U.S. automakers including G.M., Ford and FCA.




“I have enjoyed my time and tenure at the Shelbyville, Indiana facility for the past 14 years. Since I came to PK, our company has had its ups and downs, but our associates and local government have supported us tremendously. Shelby County has provided so many opportunities for our company to grow and prosper over the years, and the relationships we have fostered with the City of Shelbyville have strengthened our position in the U.S. market. I cannot thank everyone enough. Over half of our associate’s are Shelby County natives, and they are the most hard-working, and friendly people you’ll find anywhere. PK U.S.A. will be in good hands with Mr.Peter Sandström who will take over as President. In order to stay relevent in our business, we must strive to do be better and work harder every day. At PK U.S.A., we have associates in every department that do these very things with pride. I wish to thank everyone at PK U.S.A. for their hard work and dedication, you have made this company one of the best in the U.S.”