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Harvest time safety

With the heavy rain Indiana received late this spring and early summer, crop harvest is running late this year.


The Indiana State Police would like to remind motorists that harvest time is in full swing and it’s time to watch out for farm equipment on our roadways.  


The Indiana State Police offers the below safety tip reminders.


Tips for farmers:

  • Have all lighting and placards on your equipment as required by law.
  • When parking equipment along the road while in the field, make certain it’s visible especially at night.
  • Avoid traveling on state and U.S. highways during rush hour traffic.
  • Wear reflective or Hi-Viz clothing when working in low light conditions, so as to be seen by motorists and farm workers.
  • Indiana Code 9-21-5-7, Motor vehicles driven at a slow speed impeding or blocking traffic, requires operators of vehicles being driven on a roadway of not more than one lane in each direction, at a speed below the posted limit, to move over to the right at their first opportunity if three or more vehicles are following, to allow those vehicles to safely pass.

Tips for motorists:

  • Be patient when traveling behind farm equipment; farmers have the same rights as automobile drivers to operate their equipment on the roads.
  • When approaching farm equipment from the opposite direction, pull to the right of the traveled portion of the road and allow the equipment to pass.
  • Always be cautious when approaching farm equipment parked on the side of the road. Someone may be getting into or out of the equipment or performing maintenance.
  • Be especially vigilant in watching for farm equipment on two lane roads and around dusk when conditions can make the equipment harder to see.