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Community News

Boys Club, Girls Inc. receive donations From Indiana Grand Racing & Casino

Indiana Grand Racing & Casino continued its multi-year commitment to The J. Kenneth Self Shelbyville Boys and Girls Club and Girls, Inc. of Shelbyville & Shelby County with an annual donation Monday, Sept. 28. Both entities received a check for $25,000 during the presentation.


Lindsay Fish, director of sales and business development, made the presentation during the afternoon racing program to John Hartnett, executive director of the Boys Club, and Amy Dillon, president and CEO of Girls, Inc. Both organizations are vital to the community, serving numerous children through before and after school care, sports programs, educational support and general activities.



“In 2019, we had 3,319 girls in our program at Girls, Inc.,” said Dillon. “Because of this continued support from Indiana Grand, we were able to add on to our facility, which was needed to serve the children we have in our programs. This donation has really assisted in our general growth in the community and we will use this capital campaign.”


Girls, Inc. shares a parking lot with the Boys and Girls Club, and notable improvements have been noted at their facility as well. Hartnett noted in 2019, they had 2,000 kids enrolled in their programs, showing the vast number of children in Shelby County that both organizations are touching. The Boys Club also has a location in Morristown.


“This donation has assisted with a wide variety of projects in our facility, including new doors, new floors, a new security system, new computers, and a whole host of other renovations,” noted Hartnett. “We have a big sports program including basketball, football, and shooting sports and now have 20 computers in our center to assist with educational needs.”


The dual donations were part of a five-year pledge by Indiana Grand with the final installment delivered in 2020. Due to COVID-19 shutdowns earlier in the year, donations are now being allotted to fulfill commitments to various causes.


“Being able to assist both Girls, Inc and the Boys and Girls Club is a very key component of what our mission is with our Community Outreach program,” said Fish, who oversees the committee. “Seeing how the funding has changed and upgraded both facilities over the past few years is amazing, and we are glad we had a small part in making this happen for both organizations.”