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MHP celebrates National Nurses Week with nursing awards

Each year during National Nurses Week, May 6-12, MHP selects six outstanding nurses who are honored with the title "Nurse of the Year."  Of those six honorees, one nurse is chosen as the recipient of the Monna Linne Award for Nursing Excellence and it is the highest honor at MHP.


There are over 300 nurses at MHP, providing care in a wide of range of departments and environments, all essential to the heart of MHP. This year there were many nurses nominated for the esteemed distinction.



The 2021 MHP Nurses of the Year are:


Amanda Fralich, RN – MHP Family and Internal Medicine

Janet Porter, RN – MHP Inpatient

Jill Wells, RN – MHP Clinical Support

Margie Mesidor, RN – MHP Maternity Care

Rachel Davis, RN – MHP Emergency Department

Rachel Zeigler, RN – MHP Inpatient


Rachel Zeigler is this year’s Monna Linne Nurse of the Year award recipient. Rachel is a Registered Nurse who is also Certified in Critical Care and has achieved the highest level on MHP’s nursing clinical ladder program.


During the Covid-19 crisis, Rachel served as a leader and supported an entire team that was brought on to assist through the disaster plan and personnel pool. Rachel’s knowledge and experience in critical care became evident as she worked to develop and institute new treatment plans supporting a patient population we had never cared for before. She role modeled versatility, positivity and demonstrated a faith that was reassuring and inspiring to all those around her.

As the tradition continues, the Monna Linne Award is given to a Major Health Partners nurse who demonstrates excellence in the areas of customer service, clinical practice, collaboration, professional development, and community involvement.


Nurses serve in many varied positions of leadership throughout MHP and they do much more than just delegate and direct; they mentor, guide, teach, and help others achieve their highest potential.


Great nurse leaders develop great staff which results in even better patient care.


About Monna Linne and the award

This is MHP’s 24nd year of presenting the Monna Linne Award for Nursing Excellence. Monna loved nursing and to honor her memory, her family chose to establish this nursing award.  Not only does this award honor Monna, it celebrates the continued practice of nursing excellence at MHP.

Monna Linne was a registered nurse who worked 43 years at Major Hospital. She completed nurses training at Methodist Hospital in Indianapolis and worked her entire nursing career at Major Hospital. She had three children, Jeff, Eric, and Christi and was married to Charles F. Linne.

Major Health Partners gives the Monna Linne Nurse of the Year Award to a nurse who, like Monna Linne, demonstrates excellence in the areas of customer service, clinical practice, collaboration, professional development, and community involvement.

Monna is remembered by patients and co-workers alike for her soft, gentle approach to patient care. She worked hard to not only administer the medical plan of care but added comfort in the form of back rubs, pillow turns, cool wash cloths, warm blankets, and kind words. She was also very fun to be around. She had a great sense of humor, and her co-workers loved her