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New resource available for Hoosiers with questions about COVID-19 treatment

Hoosiers seeking to learn about where to receive the monoclonal antibodies that have been used to prevent progression of COVID-19 disease can contact 211 for information.


Callers to 211 will be connected to Crush COVID, a support center managed by KPMG LLP that provides information about monoclonal antibody treatment on behalf of participating providers. The service will locate the nearest treatment site by ZIP code. Individuals can then contact the infusion center for more information about who can receive the treatment and how to schedule an appointment.


Nearly 100 sites across Indiana are serving as infusion centers.


Monoclonal antibody therapy is the first COVID-19 treatment granted emergency use authorization by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for outpatient use. The therapy has been shown to help high-risk COVID-19 patients avoid hospitalization and recover at home. It is also authorized by the U.S. FDA to prevent COVID-19 following exposure to the virus in some cases.


Hoosiers who are interested in receiving the treatment can call 211 (866-211-9966) to learn more.