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Northwest Shelby County seeking answers - Commissioner and Council Candidates invited to speak

The Northwest Shelby County Concerned Citizens Coalition submitted the following invitation to the public to meet candidates for Shelby County Commission / Council at an event on March 5.


The Northwest Shelby County Concerned Citizens Coalition will meet on Saturday, March 5, at the Fairland Fire Station, 400 West Carey Street, 1:00 to 3:00 pm. All candidates for County Commissioner and County Councilor who will be running for office in this election have been invited to speak, and Shelby County citizens from the entire county are invited and encouraged to attend.


The primary election is May 3, and for candidates with opponents of the same political party, the primary is THE election. Voters in Shelby County, and especially those in the northwest quadrant, have had some real issues to monitor. The NWSC-CCC has grown to hundreds of citizens since its inception in January.


In the past, many residents had no idea who they would vote for until they arrived at the voting booth. This is the chance to know the candidates and make an informed decision at the polls. It’s also the chance to let the candidates hear what you have to say.


You are important. Your viewpoint is important. Your property values and your quality of life are important. The future of this county is important. That’s what this is about.


To submit a question in advance, please email to: or call Donna Dugan at 317-213-6804.


The NWSC-CCC is a group of citizens advocating for transparency and integrity from our political leaders. We appreciate the candidates taking time to meet with their neighbors and potential constituents.