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Morristown Elementary School is wanting to teach kids how to ride a bike in PE Class

The All Kids Bike Kindergarten Learn-to-Ride Program is a 24-fleet of bikes, pedal conversion kits, helmets, one teacher instruction bike, and certified curriculum teacher training, which is everything they will need to teach kids how to progress from balance to riding a bike in 8 lessons at Morristown Elementary School.


Lisa Weyer, Executive Director of the Strider Education Foundation explains, “The ability to ride a bike develops physical and mental well-being and instills confidence which can lead to better focus in the classroom.  Kindergarten is the perfect age to teach kids to ride a bike focusing on gross motor skills, balance, and coordination.  By teaching bike riding at the entry-level in a public school system, we are providing the knowledge and a positive foundation of a lifelong skill.”  


At Morristown Elementary School this program will teach approximately 45 kindergarten students how to ride a bike on an annual basis.  With the equipment lifespan of 7-10 years, this will impact up to 450 kids over the next decade.


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