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Cormo USA prepares for Fall 2020 production in Rushville

Cormo USA Inc. has signed a lease agreement for its first production site in the United States in preparation for the fall 2020 corn harvest. The leased space in Rushville, IN, comprises an expanse of 108,000 sq. ft. containing manufacturing hall and office space, and is Cormo’s first facility outside of Europe. Cormo USA began moving in on May 1, 2020,  and has begun initial site improvements as well as completed its first hiring within the local community to assist with corn stover sourcing. The company plans to continue improvements and additional local hires into the early summer to ensure the site is ready for equipment installation before the upcoming harvest season.


This inaugural U.S. production plant provides Cormo USA with the necessary environment to assemble its first commercial-scale plant, while simultaneously completing the planning stage for its state of the art facility located in the Rushville Commerce Park. The company currently expects to break ground on the 20-acre facility during the spring of 2021.


“This facility is strategically located in one of the most innovative agricultural areas in the U.S. and Indiana is a major hub for transportation and business, setting Cormo USA up with all the tools it needs to thrive in the long-run. We’re extremely grateful to the City of Rushville and all those involved who helped make this a realization, and we look forward to launching production this fall,”  said Stefan Muehlbauer, CEO of Cormo USA.


About Cormo USA

Cormo USA Inc is a joint venture partnership between Switzerland based Cormo AG and Sustainable Projects Group Inc. The company specializes in the recycling of corn harvest field waste into sustainable, value-added products such as peat moss substitutes and superabsorbents used in filtration, packaging, and building industries. For more information about Cormo USA, visit