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Fewell talks challenges, expectations for another term as Greenfield mayor

When he was first took over as mayor of Greenfield six years ago, Chuck Fewell had no idea what to really expect.

But he quickly caught on, devising a plan for the town he says has moved Greenfield forward.
“I was chosen by the people of Greenfield to be their Mayor for the past four years. Two years prior, I was caucused in when Mayor Pasco passed away while in office. During the past six years, this administration has moved the city forward,” Fewell told Giant FM.

He will look to continue moving the city forward on election day. But standing in his way, is Democratic challenger and 22-year-old Zachary LaFavers.

Fewell said there are several challenges facing Greenfield, with one of the biggest being housing.
“We need to make sure we have affordable housing in our city. This involves all types of housing – low to moderate apartments available for the younger generation in our area, and upper scale housing for those who already live here and want to upgrade. Housing is needed for those who, we hope, will come with new industry,” Fewell told Giant FM.

In addition, Fewell, who spent two decades in law enforcement, said the opioid problem and other related crime to mental health must be addressed.

“We are continuing to fight the opioid problem. Training our police in Critical Incident Teams to handle mental and domestic issues is invaluable,” he said.

Furthermore, he said traffic congestion also needs a look.

“The public safety issue that we deal with the most is traffic congestion. With only two main arteries to our city, entrance and exit into the city in State Road 9 and U.S. 40, we have to be creative,” Fewell said.

In recent months, Greenfield has been able to attract several new industries to the city, and will look to continue doing so in the future. One reason the city has been able to attract the new industries is due to tax abatements, something Fewell said are “very instrumental to our economic development.”
“Tax abatements are a tool we use for being competitive in the marketplace when new industries are trying to locate or want to locate in Greenfield. We usually do a standard 10-year abatement as an incentive to have the company consider our area. If we did not use tax abatements, I feel, we would not be competitive at all,” Fewell told Giant FM.

Fewell said his experience as mayor, combined with his work as Governmental Affairs Director for the Heritage Group, where he represented Milestone Contractors, and U.S. Agg and Asphalt Materials, makes him the best for the job.

“I believe with what I have stated in answering your questions, and with the credentials I bring, I am the candidate best suited for being the Mayor of Greenfield,” Fewell said.

Voters will have an opportunity to have their voices heard on November 5 as polls are open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.