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Hancock County News

Two seats up for election day in Fortville's District 1

Two Republicans and an Independent candidate will look to claim two of the available seats in Fortville’s Town Council District 1 next week on election day.

Republicans Tonya Drake Davis and Libby Wyatt are on the ballot, as is Independent Justin Crawford. In May, Davis and Wyatt overcame current councilman Mike Frischkorn in the primary to advance.

All three cited a desire to serve as their reason for running.


"I've been attending town council meetings for the past three years, not because I had any intention to ever run for town council, but to learn more about the town. Running for town council is an opportunity to support my community by being a voice for the people. I will attend the meetings and listen to my neighbor's concerns and help make the best choices for Fortville. I have no agenda other than to keep Fortville the wonderful community it already is. I am running for town council because Fortville has my heart, and I believe we can all work together for the betterment of our town," said Wyatt.

Davis said she decided to run because she cares about Fortville and its residents. 


"It gives me the opportunity to stay involved in decisions that effect them. I’ve always been interested in politics, and my involvement was limited when I worked in the town utility office," said Davis, who ran as an Independent in 2015 for town clerk-treasurer. 


Crawford said he is running to help create the best community possible for his family.

“I am running to make sure the entire community has a voice. I am running because my family is completely invested in the town. I have always enjoyed being informed and helping solve problems. I enjoy thinking outside the box to be more efficient and I enjoy planning and architecture. Being a member of the town council is an outlet for me to do all these things,” he told Giant FM.


Fortville finds itself on the cusp of growth, while trying to keep its small-town charm, something all three said is an issue facing the town.


Davis said the issues facing town are its growth, parking, traffic and infrastructure.


Wyatt said her campaign slogan of "Committed to Community, Dedicated to Progress" and the town's biggest challenge is a fear of growth. 


"No one knows what is coming or how it will look, which has caused a lot of people to not want the growth, while others are excited and embrace the change. The challenge is trying to work with both sides while continuing to improve our community," she said. 


In addition, Wyatt said growing the industrial park and making the town one that is welcoming and safe are important to her.

Crawford said the biggest issue facing Fortville is the current and future growth of both the community and surrounding communities.


All three said if they're fortunate enough to be elected, they'll be a positive voice. 


"If elected I will investigate the needs of the town and help to make decisions based on those needs," Davis said. 


Wyatt said she is a "fair and honest person, who will listen to concerns and help make the best decision" for her community. 


"I'd be a good addition because I am positive, energetic, understanding and committed," she said. 

Crawford said voters should elect him because he will represent the entire community that he has been involved with since moving in eight years ago.

“I was involved developing the comprehensive plan. I have been involved with writing the architectural standards for residential development, and I am currently a member of the BZA,” Crawford said.