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Hancock County News

New Palestine's 6 Streetz Tattoo wants you to see what they do and who they are

The first time Shyla "Streetz" Burnett saw a tattoo, she was hooked.


She was a sophomore in high school and, according to her, she became intrigued with the notion that someone would let someone else put art on skin. 



Since then, Burnett has worked everyday at her craft and took a chance with a former tattoo artist of opening a business in New Palestine. A little over a year ago, that chance became reality as 6 Streetz Tattoo opened at 28 East Main St., New Palestine. 


Burnett told Giant FM it has been an amazing endeavor despite her initial thoughts.



Ever since the opening, Burnett and her staff have been delivering piercings and tattoos to people and forming a bond with people, especially those looking to remember a loved one with art.



And, they've tried to change the mindset of what a tattoo shop is and what takes place inside one. She tells Giant FM, she's heard all the stereotypes in her four years in the industry, and none of them are accurate. She said many professionals, including doctors and firefighters have tattoos and piercings. In addition, she said her shop is 100 percent vegan with everything it uses from the inks to aftercare products. 



Burnett said her shop is striving to find ways to reach out, not only to garner new customers, but to also give back to the community. 


"Once a month, we give out free tattoos. You spend $100, a name goes into a customer of the month. You're name gets drawn, you get a free tattoo. We do memberships. We constantly run deals. I find a lot of people don't get to the tattoo shops because of prices. Ever since I picked up my machine, I vowed I would never take advantage of someone because of price. I want you here because I want to do your artwork," she told Giant FM.


Recently, 6 Streetz Tattoo welcomed Santa and opened the doors to all ages to see Santa. 


Burnett also tells Giant FM her shop will always be involved with initiatives surrounding children.

"We are also a safe haven for children. We do a lot for children here. We are inside the art foundations inside the elementary, middle and high schools. We are also inside their yearbook foundation. We also happen to be part of the non bullying foundation. If there's anything I can do to help a child, I'm all for that," Burnett said. 


6 Streetz Tattoo is open six days a week. Hours are:Monday and Tuesday Noon to 7; Wednesday and Thursday Noon to 8; and Friday and Saturday Noon to 10 p.m. They can be found on Facebook.