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Hancock County News

Fortville Police Chief looks back at 2019, what 2020 will bring

When Fortville Police Chief Bill Knauer reflects back on 2019, he does so knowing it was a good year, but admits there's still work to do. 


Knauer told Giant FM a few of the things done in 2019 consisted of new uniforms and patches for the department.



One of the biggest success stories was the addition of Oszkar, the department's newest K9. Knauer told Giant FM it had been two years in the making to get the new K9 on the streets, and it is both a drug and patrol dog. In addition, he says Oszkur will help with the mission of getting criminals off the streets. 



One area of concern in 2020 for Knauer and the department revolves around its relationship with Mt. Vernon Community Schools. Knauer said it is his hope to extend services to the entire district and not just the high school. 



One glaring issue in 2020 will be the addition of be officers, something Knauer has mentioned the last three to four years. He told Giant FM with new subdivisions being built, a police presence is a must.



The addition of officers would also help combat crime that has, at times, infiltrated Fortville from Anderson and Indianapolis. Knauer told Giant FM he is always concerned about crime, but will always be ready to combat it.