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Hancock County News

Hancock County bracing for heavy rain, potential flooding

As weather projections continue to list heavy rain as a possibility this weekend, the Hancock County Emergency Management staff is being proactive to assist residents.

A flood warning has been issued for Hancock County from Friday evening through Saturday evening, and as a result, sandbags will be available to Hancock County residents at the Hancock County Highway Department, 922 W. Osage St., Greenfield at the west gate.

Misty Moore, Hancock County Emergency Management Director, told Giant FM the biggest thing residents can do is get ahead of the problem before it starts.

“If there is a possibility of water rising to the home, get sandbags down and prepare in advance, versus trying to stop it as it’s entering the home. We have seen firsthand residents trying to do that, and it’s just too late,” Moore said.

In addition, Moore said motorists should never try to pass through water on the road.

“If there are flooded roads, turn around, no matter what. Motorists cannot gauge or predict the outcome of driving through water, and there are too many unknowns. And with such a widespread flooding problem, motorists cannot rely on “road closed” or “high water” signs as it’s hard for street and highway departments to keep up with all of the newly reported flooded roads. Don’t let that be an indicator of whether you choose to drive through the water. Just turn around,” Moore told Giant FM.

Anyone with specific flooding concerns is asked to contact Hancock County Emergency Management at 317-477-1188.