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Hancock County News

Thieves seen on camera at New Pal businesses

As a small business owner, Rob Walker understands the risks and challenges that come with his role. What he cannot understand, though is why thieves targeted his business recently.

According to Walker and the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department, thieves struck both New Palestine Hardware and Walker-IT LLC, 4083 S. Arbor Lane, on May 20.  Video shows two men stealing several items, including propane tanks, potted plants, items from a truck and more. According to a police report, the suspects did an estimated $60,000 worth of damage and stolen property.

Walker told Giant FM that this is the first time he has had anyone break into vehicles, destroy property and vandalize property.

“There have been property stolen in the past, but never to this level. Our community is extremely safe and crimes like this rarely happen,” Walker said.

Walker said he and the staff of both businesses are happy that nobody was hurt in the incidents.
“We, at Walker-IT and New Palestine Hardware, are just happy that no one was hurt and hope that no one else is affected by these people who choose to go against the rule of law and order. Our prayers go out to everyone who is affected during this virus. As always, we will continue to serve the community,” Walker said.

Anyone with any information is asked to call the Hancock County Sheriff’s Department at 317-477-1147.