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Hancock County News

Woman rescued by Greenfield PD before engine explodes

A woman is recovering in the hospital after a Greenfield Police patrolman rescued her from a burning car.


On Wednesday, Sept. 9, at around 1:30 a.m., GPD Patrolman Blake Crull was on patrol when he passed by a burning, upside down car in the 4200 block of East US 40. Inside the car was Heather Fischer, 36, who was trapped and badly hurt.


Crull was able to pull Fischer through a side window to safety. Seconds later, the car’s engine exploded.  Fischer was taken to the hospital.


The driver of the car who crashed into Fischer, Arturo Casimiro, 46, was arrested and taken to the Hancock County Jail. He’s been charged with two DUIs and one count of Driving While Suspended.