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Donation brings new AED's to Greenfield Police

Thanks to a generous donation, the Greenfield Police Department is the new owners of five new Cardiac Science AED's in the event of a cardiac emergency while on patrol. 


The AED's were made possible through a generous donation from AP Engineering and Consulting, of Greenfield. 


Capt. Chuck McMichael, of the Greenfield Police Department, tells Giant FM the department has had AED's in vehicles for about 15 years. 

"All of our officers are trained and certified in CP and AED use, so it is an invaluable tool for us. In most medical emergencies, we are able to respond to the scene faster than our EMS partners due to being mobile throughout our shifts," McMichael said. 



The AED's will work with the EMS equipment to help provide a smooth transition, according to McMichael. 


While GPD does not keep track of data for when the AED's are used, McMichael told Giant FM the number of deployments are "easily in the hundreds for our officers."