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Hancock County News

Ruling against Greenfield Granite to seek restitution

The saga of a Greenfield business that was the scene of a death investigation and a lawsuit by Indiana's attorney general has come to a close this month. 


A civil case against Greenfield Granite has been decided, as Hancock County Court Commissioner Cody Coombs ruled for the state, awarding over $379 thousand to the state. 


In a four-page summary judgement, Coombs noted that representatives of Greenfield Granite never responded to the charges and ruled the business committed an unfair, abusive or deceptive act against its own customers, who paid for headstones that were never received. 


With the ruling, the office of the Indiana Attorney General can take whatever steps needed to recover property, which Coombs directed to be liquidated or distributed in hopes of using the proceeds to make restitution. 


Furthermore, Coombs awarded $5,000 per violation to be paid by the business. Also, any cremains located on the property are to be turned over to local authorities for identification and to be returned to the family. 


The business was the scene of a death investigation on Sept. 8, as former owner Amie Strohl took her life at the business.


At the time of her death, Strohl was under investigation by the Greenfield Police Department as several complaints were filed regarding payment for services that were never rendered. 


Shortly after Strohl's suicide, Indiana Attorney General Curtis Hill filed a lawsuit against the company, alleging that they had engaged in deceptive practices for two years. 


Court records show that Strohl was to have appeared in Hancock County Superior Court 2 for a civil case on the day she took her life.