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Neighbors ding softball tournament at new Meridian Street park


A large-scale softball tournament at the city's new Meridian Athletic Complex has some neighbors crying foul.


People living near the new softball park on Hoover Avenue between Meridian and South West Streets complained about the number of cars, the noise and potential safety issues following the park's first official tournament April 6-7.


Scores of young players, their parents, coaches and officials gathered for the games at the “MAC” - the Meridian Athletic Complex - Saturday and Sunday.


That created parking problems along the narrow streets. Plus kids warming up were ducking under yellow tape set up to create a boundary, and darting across South West Street to chase stray softballs, creating a safety issue.


Shelbyville Parks Director Karen Martin said Tuesday she's been talking with the street department, the tournament organizer and residents to address those concerns.


It's about two months until the next big event at the MAC, she said.


“We know that this is our first time around, and so, I don't think we have another tournament until June at that facility. So we've got a little bit of time. But we try, we'll put our heads together and come up with the best solution,” Martin said.


The girls fast-pitch softball tournament this past weekend was organized by the United States Specialty Sports Association, the U triple-S A, or “U-trip” for short.


U-trip puts on competitions in various sports for young kids all across the country.


Local officials hope to attract more large sporting events to Shelbyville to bring visitors and tourism dollars into the community.