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City Council to review new fire code


A new Fire Prevention Ordinance is headed to the Shelbyville Common Council following approval by the council's Ordinance Committee.
Fire Chief Tony Logan submitted the proposal to the Ordinance Committee Tuesday afternoon.


Committee members Councilwoman Joanne Bowen (D-1st Ward) and Councilman Jeff Wright (D-5th Ward), approved sending the 20-page document on to the full City Council.


The city has a Fire Prevention Ordinance now. Following the meeting, Logan said the proposed ordinance expands some of the regulations based on recommendations by the state fire marshal.


“One is clarifying pyrotechnics, helps clarify that towards the end. One is clarifying and assisting with the Building and Planning division as far as unsafe buildings. There's several others in the front of that document that just helps clarify inspections and authority and that kind of stuff in the city of Shelbyville,” Logan said.


Under pyrotechnics, the proposed ordinance establishes specific days and hours during which personal fireworks may be set off in the city, specifically around the 4th of July and New Year's Eve.


Section 9 of the proposal outlines circumstances that would create an “imminent danger” and allows the fire chief, or someone designated by the chief, to issue an unsafe building order.


No date was set for the full City Council to receive the proposed Fire Prevention Ordinance for review.


The document is available for public inspection in City Hall, 44 W. Washington St.