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Two injured in Tuesday Shelbyville crash

Two people were injured in a three vehicle Shelbyville accident Tuesday.


Shelbyville Police report Jacob Fritz, 36, of Indianapolis, explained that he was stopped in the turn lane on Progress Parkway to turn eastbound onto State Road 44 just before 9:30 am.  Fritz said a collision occurred in front of him and one of the vehicles was pushed into his.


The police report indicates Danielle Querry, 29, of Shelbyville, was in the far right lane westbound on SR 44 at Progress Parkway.  Querry told police the light was green and she didn’t see anything coming.  At the last moment she saw a Mitsubishi Outlander approaching and couldn’t avoid the collision.


The third vehicle was operated by Jordan Dunz, 27, of Shelbyville.  The police report states Dunz was driving northbound on Progress Parkway.  Dunz said she couldn’t see the traffic signal because of a semi in front of her.  Thinking the light was green she drove into the intersection at the crash occurred.


Querry sustained an injury to her abdominal area. 


Dunz was listed with a complaint of pain.


All three cars involved were towed from the scene.