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Rushville pastor found not guilty in child molestation trial

A pastor in Rushville who was accused of child molestation almost two years ago was found not guilty in his jury trial.


Garry Evans, 74, was arrested in October 2017 on accusations that he lured children into his office and molested them. Police claimed that there were six victims between the ages of 3 and 7.


When out on bond awaiting trial, Evans tried to kill himself at his home in November, say police.

He faced 14 felony counts linked to six women or girls for child molestation, child solicitation, and sexual battery.


Evans is the pastor of the Rushville Baptist Temple Church.


In January 2018, Garry and his wife, Gay, were arrested for trespassing on their son’s property on North Main Street in Rushville. Court records say those charges are still pending.