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Shelbyville Parks hit by ongoing vandalism; cameras into parks and offering reward

A string of incidents involving vandalism at Shelbyville parks is leading to installation of cameras to monitor the area and, if possible, the prosecution of those involved.


Parks Department’s Chris Stephens says the problem is an ongoing one.



While much of the damage has been cleanable and repairs made by the Parks Department itself, Stephens notes manpower and cleaning has cost thousands of dollars.  And, as Gary Bowen with the Parks Board points out, it’s not all been cosmetic.  Shelbyville’s trails and the historic bridge at Blue River Park have been targeted.



Bowen says it’s time to offer the parks more protection.  And that means cameras.



Bowen says this isn’t a step they wanted to take.  But there is now a reward as the parks department will seek legal action.



Stephens asks the public to also be vigilant around the city’s parks.