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Relief bill passed in Washington. What next?

Now that the relief bill passed Friday is law and checks are the way, the government still has the responsibility to keep you safe and keep the economy going. U Indy associate professor of Finance Matt Will says two different areas of government will have to come together.


"That is a combination of health and economics experts having to come together. Clearly living in isolation is not a long-term sustainable strategy," he said.


Will said society, including government, must figure out how to live our lives, how to run the economy and how to deal with the coronavirus.


"Hopefully the health experts and the economic experts can get together and figure out how can we run our economy and still keep people as safe as possible," he said.


Will said people must figure out how to do both, despite the risk.


"You can't really equate this to something like the flu or driving your car. But, we do live with risk in our lives and we have to figure out, how can we live with this risk?"


Pres. Trump has been criticized for talking about "opening America back up", by doctors who believe that the risk is too great.


"I don't think he's getting criticism from the person stuck in his house and saying, I can't stay here for the next six months. I think the criticism is probably coming from his political opponents," said Will. "I don't think the solution is saying, okay people, stay in your house 'til the day you die. I don't think that's a realistic alternative."