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Shelbyville man arrested after threatening incident with a handgun

A call to police Monday about a man with a gun resulted in an arrest.


On July 20, officers were called to the 100 block of W. Broadway Street in reference to a subject making threats with a handgun.  


Officers arrived on scene and located the subject identified as Dion Palmer.  Palmer, 40, of Shelbyville, started walking away from the officers and had his hand in his pocket.  Officers gave loud verbal commands for Palmer to stop and show his hands.  Palmer refused to stop and disobeyed the officer’s commands to remove his hand from his pocket.  The information given was that Palmer had a handgun in his possession.  After several loud commands for Palmer to stop, officers were able to stop him by the deployment of a Taser.  Officers were then able to gain control of Palmer and place him into handcuffs. 


Officers located a handgun at the scene which had been discarded under a vehicle.  The firearm had a bullet in the chamber.


The on-scene interviews showed that Palmer was acting aggressively and threatening.  According to the police press release Palmer had displayed the firearm to the individuals in the apartment.  Palmer also made threats to physically harm one of the subjects inside by beating him up.   The victim was able to force Palmer out of the apartment and call 911.


Palmer was transported to the Shelby County Jail where he was remanded into the custody of the jail staff.