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Shelbyville Police Chief addresses enforcement of mask order

Shelbyville Police Chief Mark Weidner submitted the following statement regarding Governor Holcomb's executive order that begins Monday.


In accordance with the Governor’s executive order, beginning at 12:01 am on July 27, 2020 all people in the State of Indiana are required to wear face coverings when they are in a public place, in or on public transportation or in any work place where a six-foot social distancing practice is not possible.

State and local health departments have been designated as the agencies responsible for the education and compliance of the Governor’s face covering order.

Refusal or non-compliance does not constitute a crime nor is it a law enforcement matter. The Shelbyville Police Department will not dispatch officers for the sole purpose of non-compliance with the face covering order.

Businesses and organizations have the right to refuse service to those who refuse to wear a face covering. Refusal to leave the business or organization after being asked to leave for non-compliance may be treated as a Criminal Trespass.

Whether you agree or disagree with the executive order, please be respectful. You can read the entire Executive Order at: https://www.in.gov/gov/2384.htm