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MHP provides Covid update

Total patients tested:  6,112


Negative results:  5,588


Pending results:  109


Positive results:  384 (only 6.3% of patients are testing positive)


The total positive does not include a repeat positive for the same patient.



We have an increase of 14 new positive patients since 8/19/20.

Out of the 14 new positive patients since 8/19;  6 of those patients have required inpatient care and 8 patients were treated as outpatients.



Emergency Department/ACC:  No reported issues



Inpatients:  Our inpatient census is averaging 5 inpatients who are Covid+.  We have 2 Covid+ patients on a vent at this time.



Priority Care:  We are seeing 45-50 patients per day.  Around 25-30 of those patients are presenting with suspected-Covid symptoms, but most are still testing negative for Covid.



Surgery: Surgical volumes are back to pre-Covid norms.  We have not had a Covid+ surgical patient in two weeks now.  We continue to test each scheduled surgical patient a few days prior to surgery.



Visiting hours:  There are no changes to our current visitation hours at this time.  Visiting hours are listed on the website at https://www.mymhp.org/patients-guests/general-resources/visitor-information/.