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Shelby Co. Plan Commission votes to take another look at solar farms ordinance

A group of citizens of Shelby County concerned about the possibility of a large industrial solar farm locating in southwestern Shelby County has been asking officials for a moratorium to allow time to scrutinize the county’s ordinances on solar farms. 


There’s no moratorium yet but the county’s plan commission did vote Tuesday to look into the ordinances for changes or tweaks that might be needed.


President Doug Warnecke offered a motion that was approved to allow the commission to begin its study.



Board member Kevin Carson expressed his desire to look into the current ordinances and that Shelby County Commissioners agree to a moratorium so a solar farm doesn’t come forward before a new ordinance, or adjusted ordinance, is completed.



Commissioners approved last year a six month moratorium to allow for the creation of an ordinance dealing specifically with solar farms.  To this point, requests to the commissioners have not received a vote on the issue.


Board member Charity Mohr says the decision regarding Ranger Power’s solar farm in the Morristown area and the possibility of another to come don’t fit into the wording in place for the county’s current comprehensive plan.



The commission will meet in executive session on October 6.