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Melvin Pierce ready for Friday grand opening after purchase of Kendall's Tavern

A familiar name and face is ready to open Shelbyville's Kendall's Tavern with a Grand Opeing Friday.


Melvin Pierce has purchased the site where he worked for several years.


Kendall's itself has a long history at 1304 South Miller Street.  And in the nearby neighborhood.

Dillard Kendall, known as Did to most, with his wife, Anna, built and operated the building starting January 31, 1953.  For Dillard Kendall, it started simply enough just a few blocks away from the current Kendall’s Tavern where he first sold two bottles of beer for a quarter.  A church building just down the street served as the first establishment.


The family performed an amazing turnaround in 1980 when fire gutted Kendall’s Tavern.  Renovations and rebuilding and two weeks later it was back open for business.


Dillard's son, Donald Kendall, bought it from his father in the early 1970’s.  Don Kendall had been working for his father since the age of 10.


Angie Kendall inherited the tavern when her father passed away in 2002.  Her aspirations included wanting it to become Shelbyville’s entertainment venue.  She closed the family operation in 2008 when Indiana Grand came to Shelby County.


Melvin says Angie was at the building this week.



Everyone in town knows Melvin can cook.  He says there's still some work to do to get the kitchen ready but he'll have food options starting tonight.



Emotions?  Melvin has a few.