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Still got your January 30th Daily 3 lottery ticket?

If you bought a ticket for the Jan. 30 Daily 3 drawing, the Hoosier Lottery is asking you to hold onto your ticket.


A technical issue occurred during the Daily 3 drawing on Jan. 30, according to the Hoosier Lottery. 

Anyone who purchased a ticket for the drawing is asked to hold onto their ticket.


The announced numbers were 9-0-2 with Superball 1. 


A second drawing will be completed. The Hoosier Lottery will honor both sets of numbers for prize payment.


Players who believe they may have purchased a winning ticket based on the secondary numbers drawn but discarded the ticket after viewing the numbers initially announced, or who redeemed a winning ticket and believe they may have been eligible for a higher prize level, may download and submit a claim form/affidavit for review by the Hoosier Lottery. Claims must be received by the Hoosier Lottery by July 29, 2021.