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Local News

Woman recounts her encounter with a "grandson arrested" scammer

Shelby County Prosecutor Brad Landwerlen last week released information that his office had received two reports of "grandson arrested" scams.


In the latest, a lady in her 80's was called and told that her grandson had an accident and was being arrested for having cocaine. The caller knew his name, occupation, and where he lives (which is out of state) - all information likely obtained via Facebook.


Fortunately, the teller at a local bank contacted our Prosecutor's Office Adult Protective Services (APS) investigator Mary Ann Turner as the lady was attempting to wire $200,000 (basically her entire life savings). Investigator Turner responded and contacted the lady's son. When the son arrived, the lady demanded that they leave, explaining that the call contained threats if others became involved and she became very worried. A local officer, also, a family member, responded and put her at ease by providing "security". Her grandson called and then drove to her house from out of state before she would accept that this is a scam and he was alright.


An area resident talked with GIANT fm about her interaction with a similar scam effort. 


Arlington area resident Hannah Davis explains what happened.



Now, part of what prompted this isthat Davis has the phone number of her grandmother who has since passed away.



Davis says she asked questions of the scammers who never gave up much information.



Davis says these scammers can be convincing.



She notes people should be careful.  Contact directly those that you trust if you have reason to believe in the call you’ve received.