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Shelbyville BOW gives tentative bid approval for project to alleviate flooding

Seven bids were submitted for a relief sewer project for the City of Shelbyville.  All fell under the engineer's estimate.


The project is to construct a relief sewer for the undersized storm sewer main running through the South Central Basin to the Fortune Ditch.  The pipe and detention basin included in the proposed work are specifically designed to reduce the flooding surcharge that happens in short, heavy rain events north of Evans St, and also designed to reduce flooding throughout. 


The reduced water in the Fortune Ditch storm sewer main will also allow the City of Shelbyville the ability to add further storm sewer runs in the near future.




 $                               1,087,668.00

Morphey Construction

 $                                  994,000.00

Schutte Excavating

 $                                  566,192.75

Rohe Excavated

 $                                  618,136.00

JKES Smith Projects

 $                                  896,854.25

 All Star Paving, Inc

 $                                  696,263.53

 Beaty Construction, Inc.

 $                                  869,992.97

 King's Trucking & Excavation, Inc.

 $                                  875,578.00



The board awarded the contract to Schutte Excavating - Greensburg.  At this time, it is tentative and subject to a more thorough legal and engineering review.