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Downtown construction project on track to finish in 2021

 The City of Shelbyville’s downtown redevelopment project, a three-year endeavor, is on track to be finished by the end of 2021.


The more than $20-million massive undertaking is reshaping the entire landscape of downtown Shelbyville with the goal of spurring pedestrian traffic to more retail, dining and entertainment establishments in and around the Public Square.


“We are working on the northwest and southwest quadrants as well as the centerpiece,” said Tom Davis of Genesis Property Development, who is overseeing the project for the city. “That will be done hopefully by the end of August. The other two quadrants will be built and done by the end of November.


“Those other two quadrants will go a little bit faster because this is where the majority of the work is. The center island is a lot of limestone and concrete work. That takes a little longer.”


The circular traffic pattern through the Public Square will no longer exist when the project is completed. Traffic will flow straighter through the downtown area around a center island which will contain the Joseph Fountain and the Bears of Blue River statue.


Quadrants will be built for all four corners of the Public Square and will include expansive sidewalks that can be utilized by stores and restaurants, greenspace areas and shelter areas.


The project started in 2019 with work along East Washington St. away from the Public Square. In 2020, West Washington St. received similar treatment and the downtown infrastructure work kicked off.


“We have a good jump on it. I don’t think we are way ahead but we definitely got a lot of stuff in the ground that people can’t see that is done,” said Davis. “Now you will start seeing the stuff popping out of the ground. I will say we are on track, I don’t want to say we are ahead of schedule.”


Davis expects the concrete base of the fountain to take shape in early April. Genesis has hired a fountain consultant to insure the integrity of the fountain is retained.


“We are really trying to do a top notch job on that,” said Davis. “It’s really going to look nice.”


The southwest quadrant already has sidewalk in place that will serve as the base for brick pavers. Once asphalt plants open for 2021, asphalt will be brought in to lay over the sidewalk and the brick pavers will follow creating a consistent look throughout the downtown area.


“Brick pavers are already ordered. They are ready to come,” said Davis. “We will start getting those in the next few weeks and first of April you will start seeing pavers going down.”