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Local News

Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Department asks public to simply follow rules

The Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Department says those who can't follow rules don't need to be in the city's parks.


Prosecuted, or at least released from use of the parks.  Those are options the Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Department is looking at increasing with concerns of bullying and vandalism in the city’s parks.


Director Karen Martin says, to a lesser extent, bullying, and vandalism are going to get increased punishment and more intense scrutiny to make sure the public treats the parks, and each other, in an appropriate fasion.



Martin says it's not always criminal offenses.  She notes that if you can’t follow the rules you won’t be in the city’s parks.



Martin says, so far this season, examples of vandalism have been things like bashed in sinks at restrooms and bolts removed from picnic tables.  She says park cameras have helped them catch some of the people involved.