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Ryobi Die Casting (USA), Inc. receives "Excellence in Quality & Delivery" award from Honda

Ryobi Die Casting (USA), Inc., a supplier of large complex aluminum die castings was recognized for a fourth consecutive year with an Excellence in Quality & Delivery Award from Honda. 


Honda does business with 743 OEM suppliers across North America which provide parts to the company’s 16 plants in the region that produce Honda and Acura cars and light trucks and the engines and transmissions that power them.  Honda is widely recognized in the industry as a high-quality vehicle manufacturer that only partners in-turn with high quality suppliers. 


Ryobi Die Casting was one of only 25 out of 743 OEM parts suppliers serving Honda with parts for mass production being recognized for excellence in quality and delivery with an award.  This puts Ryobi Die Casting in the top 3.4% of Honda North America’s excellent supply base for quality and delivery. 


“The COVID-19 pandemic challenged our suppliers in ways we could never have imagined, but through their incredible effort, our supply team helped keep Honda plants running to meet the needs of our customers,” said Mark Willoughby, vice president of procurement at Honda Development and Manufacturing of America. “The teamwork that has been so important over the past year will continue to be vital to our business in the days ahead as we get our plants back to a normal production cadence.”


Ryobi Die Casting (USA) President Ryan Willhelm stated; “2020 was of course extremely difficult throughout the whole world and 2021 has also been very challenging particularly in the auto industry due to various materials shortages.  However, through it all Honda has been a great partner to Ryobi Die Casting.  We value our long-term partnership with Honda, and we are proud each time we see the award-winning Honda Accords and Honda Civics driving down the road with our structural aluminum die castings that are both heat-treatable and weldable knowing that we are helping Honda reduce vehicle weight, increase fuel efficiency and improving driving performance.  We look forward to partnering with Honda for many, many years in the future.”   


About Ryobi Die Casting (USA), Inc.

Ryobi was founded as a die casting company in Japan in 1943 and as such brings 78 years of world class die casting and light-weighting expertise to the North American market. 


Ryobi Die Casting is well known as a valued partner for complex aluminum powertrain and structural die castings.  Ryobi has two North American manufacturing locations in Shelbyville, Indiana USA and Irapuato, Guanajauto, Mexico.  This year marks 36 years at its Shelbyville, Indiana USA location, and 14 years at its Irapuato, Guanajauto, Mexico location.