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Bicentennial celebrations kicked off at Waldron Freedom Festival

The Indiana State Legislature passed a bill in late 1821 that created four counties, including Shelby County.


In honor of Shelby County’s bicentennial, a year-long celebration kicked off July 3 at the Waldron Freedom Festival and will culminate July 4, 2022, with the City of Shelbyville’s bicentennial.


At the Waldron Freedom Festival Saturday, which culminated with a large fireworks show, Shelby County Commissioner President Kevin Nigh (photo) read a proclamation.


“As a proud 1975 graduate of Waldron High School, it is an honor to be back here tonight as President of the Shelby County Commissioners to present this proclamation,” he said.


Nigh then read the proclamation which was followed by the National Anthem presented by Nick Fischer.


Vince Bradburn, Shelby County Historical Society President, began the festivities with a recollection of the importance of community history and relevance to the state of Indiana.


Bradburn also introduced the Steering Committee to the crowd then handed off the microphone to Rachael Ackley, of the Shelby County Visitors Bureau, who presented the Bicentennial Flag to the Waldron community.


The Steering Committee includes Ackley, Nisha Ciarletta, Tom DeBaun, James Garrett, Greg Gerline, Alex Krach, Andrew Newkirk, Sarah Newkirk, Kevin Nigh, Tony Titus and Jason Yantiss.


A variety of events, festivals and projects are being considered for the year-long celebration.


For more information, go to www.bicentennialinshelbycounty.com.