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City of Shelbyville prepares for arrival of Covid money; new behavioral health specialist

The City of Shelbyville is preparing for the arrival of American Rescue Plan money.


The city’s common council approved the creation of a fund for the money to be provided by the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund.  The fund provides $350 billion for states, municipalities, counties, tribes, and territories, including $130 billion for local governments split evenly between municipalities and counties.


Shelbyville Mayor Tom DeBaun.



So, more specifically, what will, can, that money be used for.  The mayor says a new position, which will likely need grant funding after Covid money wraps up, will deal with human issues.



Growth in the city has prompted another position that the common council gave approval to the mayor to find funding for.  That is an additional planner for the city to work in Adam Rude’s office.