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Warehouse and gravel / sand mining rezones on Shelby Co. Plan Commission agenda

Rezones involving a gravel / sand mining operation and a proposed warehouse are before the Shelby County Plan Commission Tuesday.


Shelby Gravel, Inc. has a reqone request on the agenda for just over 254 acres.  The request asks for a rezone from A1 (Conservation Agricultural) to HI (High Impact) District.  It's intended to allow for a gravel / sand mining operation at the southwest corner of I-65 and West 1000 South, Edinburgh, in Jackson Township.


The warehouse project is proposed by Browning Investments, of Indianapolis.  Browning is requesting a rezone of just over 56 acres from A1 (Conservation Agricultural) to the I1 (Low Intensity Industrial).  The location is 9175 North Frontage Road, Fairland, in Moral Township.


The Shelby County Plan Commission is scheduled to meet at 7:00 pm Tuesday