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Speed limit change coming to Bassett Road

Following the recommendation of City of Shelbyville Police Chief Mark Weidner, the Board of Works approved changing the speed limit on a stretch of Bassett Road that is seeing increased traffic activity.

Discussion with residents of Country Club Heights and Trotters Chase prompted the Board of Works to ask the police chief for a recommendation. After assessing the situation, Weidner presented his plan Tuesday morning of lowering the current posted speed limit of 40 miles per hour to 30 mph on Bassett Road from State Road 9 to Intelliplex Drive.

The remainder of Bassett Road to Michigan Road would remain 40 mph.

The police chief also recommended posting “No trucks” signs (photo) at both ends of Bassett Road.

Grain haulers have increasingly started using Bassett Road to Michigan Road to get access to POET’s ethanol refinery at 2373 W. 300 North. Michigan Road is being damaged by the trucks, according to Mayor Tom DeBaun, who is a member of the Board of Works.

Trucks should use Interstate 74 to Fairland Road where Tom Hession Boulevard can be utilized to reach POET.

“I have met with the Shelby County Commissioners and let them know we are taking over supervision, maintenance and enforcement along Bassett Road,” said DeBaun in the meeting.

Major Health Partners Medical Center will not be impacted by the decision. Truck deliveries to the hospital and its surrounding buildings use Intelliplex Drive off State Road 9.

In other board business, five nuisance properties were ordered to be cleaned up and the cost assessed to property taxes. The properties are at 52 Mildred St., 717 2nd St., 836 Center St., 554 W. Taylor St., and 1020 S. West St.

The owners of three more nuisance properties will be given “Orders to Appear” at a future meeting. The properties are at 153 Walker St., 917 Moriseni Avenue, and 702 Indiana Avenue.


For more on the traffic light control box art projects, go to https://shelbycountypost.com/local-news/576661


Also, the board approved, pending approval of the Plan Commission, the installation of an informational sign by the Blue River Community Foundation at the corner of Mechanic and Harrison streets.

The sign will provide information on the traffic box wrap created by Loper Elementary School art teacher Eric Sutton. The wrap adorns the large traffic box at the intersection.

The foundation expects to start decorating 10 more traffic boxes around Shelbyville with new art designs as soon as next week.

The signs will include the artist’s name, the date installed and how each particular project was funded.