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TC school board hears complaints over uniform colors

On a night when the Northwestern Consolidated Schools Board accepted an anonymous donation of $6,586 to be used for uniform purchases, the exact color those uniforms will be came into question.

Board member Terry Morgan brought up a conversation he had with Superintendent Chris Hoke about concerns in the community that the color black was becoming more predominant in Triton Central’s color scheme of kelly green and white.

Morgan stated that the kelly green and white of Triton Central was set in 1959. Depending on the uniform supplier, kelly green has taken many shades over the years.

The school system currently has a deal with Nike to provide its uniforms and help standardize the kelly green color desired.

Morgan, though, has heard from several alumni with concerns that Triton Central teams are wearing black jerseys and black pants with green and white writing.

In addition, Morgan has discussed the issue with Triton Central athletic director Bryan Graham, who believes he has final authority on all uniform purchases and their colors. Morgan does not agree, believing the school board has the final say on color schemes.

What Morgan is concerned with is there a policy in place governing uniform colors and, if so, when was it enacted?

Hoke admitted to doing some research in past policy manuals but has not yet found anything concrete.

Hoke asked for more time to research the issue before an extended discussion is had with the board.

In other board business Monday night, Hoke informed the board that the newly-constructed press box at Bud Mendenhall Field should be complete Thursday.

“It’s everything we hoped it would be,” said Hoke of the larger press box used for football and soccer games as well as track and field meets.

Hoke also added that the bus lot at the middle school was finished other than “a few punch list items.”

“Both projects have gone fairly well,” said Hoke.