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Shelby Senior Services settled into new home at MHP Community Health and Wellness Center

Shelby County’s senior population is growing.

To better serve that community, Shelby Senior Services has a modern, new home at the Major Health Partners Community Health and Wellness Center, 2120 Intelliplex Drive, Suite 101.

“It’s been a long time coming but I tell you, it is a true blessing that we are here,” said Kim Koehl, Executive Director of Shelby Senior Services. “Major Hospital has been good to us and, thankfully, they believe in Shelby Senior Services and what we do for our seniors in Shelby County.”

With the creation of the community center that also houses a new YMCA, MHP offered space to Shelby Senior Services to move from its 1504 S. Harrison St. location.

“It was excitement,” said Koehl when she learned of the commitment to seniors by MHP. “There was the possibility of all the new things we could do here that was not easily done in our old building.”



The square footage is similar from old home to new home, but the space is much more efficient.

The new facility has a kitchen area attached to a large activity room that can be divided into two spaces. There also is a conference room and dining area that is shared with the YMCA.

“It’s about the same space internally but it’s configured differently,” she said, who was allowed to give input on what Shelby Senior Services needed during the design phase.

The move across town went smoothly, according to Koehl.

“We didn’t have any activities the week before we moved,” she said. “We pretty much shut down for two weeks.

“That first week we packed everything and made sure it was ready. The next week we had movers on a Monday and then we took that week to put everything away. We were very happy with how it went.”

Shelby Senior Services has its own entrance into the Community Health and Wellness Center with ample parking near its main entrance, including extra handicap parking spaces.

“We like the extra spaces if we have a large event,” said Koehl. “It didn’t take long for our parking lot to fill up (at the old facility). We have a few of those every month where we were just outgrowing where we could be.”



Koehl hopes the modern facility will draw more seniors into the fold.

“This should take away that stigma that some people don’t want to come in and be part of the senior center,” she said. “A lot of that stigma is, ‘I’m not that senior to come to the senior center.’

“I hope being here will allow some of those seniors that are 55 and 60 years old to come in because we are here at the (Community Health and Wellness Center).”

Shelby Senior Services provides information and activities for seniors and their families.

“We want to be your one stop shop for seniors,” said Koehl. “If you have a question or if you don’t know where to turn for a senior, we may not have that direct answer right then but we will find it out for you.”

Shelby Senior Services can assist with housing and utilities, home modifications and even transportation through ShelbyGo. It also provides meals to seniors that cannot readily leave their residences.

And there are activity centers around Shelby County.

“We want to keep seniors active and moving and as safe and at home as long as we can,” said Koehl. “And help families because a lot of families don’t know where to turn. They can turn to us with many different questions and we can help and provide the services they need.”