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Board of Works focusing on two more nuisance properties in Shelbyville

With three nuisance property cases resolved, the City of Shelbyville Board of Works approved two more orders to appear for owners of additional nuisance properties.

Plan Commission director Adam Rude informed the Board of Works Tuesday morning at City Hall of three nuisance property cases that were resolved, with a fourth order to appear yet to be delivered.

Two more will go out after Tuesday’s weekly Board of Works meeting. Orders to appear were approved for the owners of 2110 Kent Road (Frank Wetherill, according to Shelby County’s GIS website: shelbyin.wthgis.com) and 324 Roosevelt Drive (Johnny Hicks).

“These are nuisance properties we have not had much success with,” said Rude.

In other board business Tuesday, a new police department standard operating procedure for cell phone usage was approved and the purchase of a small parcel of land was approved for right of way to install a new access road along Tom Hession Drive.

Shelbyville mayor Tom DeBaun, who is one of three members of the Board of Works along with David Finkel and Bob Williams, closed the meeting by mentioning that Shelby County Emergency Management Director Ryan Hansome has been deployed to New Orleans to assist the city in its damage recovery efforts after Hurricane Ida.