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Final day for Mickey's T-Mart is Saturday, November 6

Closing time for Shelbyville's Mickey's T-Mart is coming this weekend.


Brian Meeke informed the Shelby County Post and GIANT fm News that they will close for the final time at 4:00 pm on Saturday, November 6.



Original story posted October 12, 2021

Mickey’s T-Mart is counting down its last days as Shelbyville’s locally-owned and operated supermarket with a closing target date of the day before Thanksgiving.


Brian Meeke said they’ve been looking at possibilities for some time related to selling the business but no offer was quite good enough.  Thus, the decision now to close the supermarket at 748 South Harrison Street.


Meeke says the leading reason is the passing of time and customers.



So, what’s next?  Meeke details the coming days and weeks which include opening a 25% off sale starting Wednesday.



Meeke says Wednesday’s sale opening could be a flood of activity.




The decision to close Mickey’s T-Mart comes after entertainment of offers to buy the business and the properties over the years.  But Meeke says those offers weren’t what they were looking for.  That results in the decision now.



Will the site feature another supermarket down the road?  Meeke hopes so but notes that the issues plaguing business right now may delay that until supply chains, hiring, wages and more are repaired.



Meeke says it’s been a great run for his family dating back to 1978.  It might be hard to remember a date or time of something over four decades ago but in the case of Mickey’s T-Mart, probably not.  Remember something else that happened in ’78?