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Shelbyville Central Schools reports 59 COVID-19 cases in first week of January

Shelbyville Central Schools reported 59 cases of COVID-19 during the school system’s first week back from holiday break. That is the highest amount of cases SCS has reported during a weekly period since the start of the school year in August.

The previous high was 45 the week of Sept. 6. Shelby County’s largest school system had been averaging 18 cases per week since Nov. 1, 2021.

A total of 36 of the 59 cases did not require contact tracing, according to an email sent out to parents of SCS students. Contact tracing did occur for the other 23 cases.

Shelbyville High School and Shelbyville Middle School totaled 31 of the 59 cases.

Of the 15 cases at SHS, eight did not require contact tracing. A total of 83 close contacts were defined.

At SMS, half of the 16 reported cases did not require contact tracing. A total of 73 close contacts were reported.

At the three elementary schools, Coulston had six cases, Hendricks had seven and Loper reported nine. Of those 22 cases, 14 did not require contact tracing. A total of 30 close contacts were determined.

The Golden Bear Preschool had six COVID-19 cases – all required no contact tracing.



All Shelbyville Central Schools students are required to wear face masks during normal school hours through Feb. 2.

Masks will be optional starting Feb. 3 as long as building absentee rates stay below 5% due to positive COVID-19 cases and close contacts.

If a building goes over 5%, a mask mandate will be implemented in that building for two weeks. After the two-week period, if the absentee rate drops below 5% in the building masks will again be optional.

Per federal mandate, masks are still required on school buses through March 18.

Here is a listing of total students and staff in each building along with its 5% threshold:

  • Shelbyville High School – 1,238 students and staff (5% = 62)
  • Shelbyville Middle School – 1,015 (5% = 51)
  • Coulston Elementary – 532 (5% = 27)
  • Hendricks Elementary – 584 (5% = 30)
  • Loper Elementary – 751 (5% = 38)
  • Golden Bear Preschool – 395 (5% = 20)

SCS will allow individuals within three feet of a COVID-19 positive individual, wearing a mask and without symptoms to remain in school while monitoring for symptoms.

When masks become optional, individuals within six feet of a positive individual for greater than 15 minutes will be quarantined unless fully vaccinated or previously positive within the last 90 days.

Quarantine procedures will not apply to fully vaccinated (asymptomatic) individuals. Fully vaccinated now includes the booster dose for those eligible to receive it (ages 12 and up).

Quarantine also does not apply to an individual who tested positive for COVID-19 within the last 90 days.