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Shelbyville Central Schools sees continued rise in COVID-19 cases

Many Shelbyville Central Schools students are ready to dispense with wearing masks during school days.

Shelby County’s largest school system says masks will be optional for students and staff beginning Feb. 3 as long as the absentee rate in each of the system’s six buildings remains below 5%.

A surge of COVID-19 cases was expected following the holiday break. Since the resumption of classes on Jan. 3, a total of 166 cases of COVID-19 have been reported – by far the largest two-week span of the 2021-2022 school year.

According to an email sent to SCS parents, Shelbyville High School has reported 38 cases. Shelbyville Middle School has the most at 59.

In the three elementary schools, Loper has 26 cases, Hendricks follows at 16 and Coulston has 13.

The Golden Bear Preschool has reported 14 cases.

Should a SCS building reach 5% absenteeism after Feb. 3, a two-week mask mandate will go into effect at that building to quell the absentee rate.

The absentee rate will include students and staff.