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Weather-related announcements for Thursday, Feb 3

A growing list of closures and cancelations beyond the schools on this Thursday, February 3:


Shelbyville Central schools will be closed Friday with E-Learning

Shelby County Public Library


Share, Inc. Shelby Co. Plants 1 & 2 and facilities in Hancock and Rush counties


Shelbyville Knights of Columbus bingo for Thursday evening


Waldron Sectional 60 girls quarterfinals with Hauser - JCD and Southwestern - Morristown have been postponed to Friday.  A decision on Friday's efforts to play will be made by early Friday afternoon.



The following note from the Shelbyville Street Department was posted to the city's Facebook page:

Streets – Our crews will be coming soon and working around the clock. Please stay off the streets if you can. The less vehicles on the road, the quicker we can get them cleared.

If at all possible, we ask those residents with off-street parking to remove their cars from the streets so that the drivers can clear the street as best as possible. It is very hard for them to maneuver and completely clear streets when cars are parked on both sides leaving them very little room.

Driveways – Please wait to plow your driveway until you are for sure we have been down your street. When clearing your driveway, place the snow to the right side of your drive when looking at the street. This will prevent the plow from pushing all the snow you have already shoveled back into your drive.

Sidewalks – Reminder that it is the resident’s responsibility to clear their sidewalk within 24hrs of any snow/ice event.

Please be patient with us, I promise we will be by! With any heavy snow event, it can take several hours just to keep the main thoroughfares open. If you live on a residential/secondary street, you will not see a snowplow for several hours after a snowstorm has started...but we will get there!