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City councilman resigning after accepting new job in Jasper

Shelbyville city councilman Tyson Conrady is resigning his position on the common council after accepting a new job in Jasper, Indiana.

Conrady, the Director of Corporate Operations for GIANT fm Real Radio based in Shelbyville, will become the General Manager for Jasper on Air, which owns three stations – WITZ, both AM and FM stations, and WQKZ.

“I’ve been here 10 years and they’re my family,” said Conrady. “They want the best for me and I’m excited to get the chance to take my knowledge, experience and education to Jasper to continue to be able to lead the company.”

Conrady, a Republican serving the city’s fifth ward, is currently in the third year of his first term on the city’s common council.

The northern Indiana native has been involved in broadcasting since 1994, beginning as a 9-year-old at WAWC in Syracuse, Indiana.



While finishing his college education, Conrady joined the GIANT fm staff in 2011 and eventually became program director before his current position as director of corporate operations overseeing the company’s three Indiana stations in Shelbyville, Rochester and Greencastle.

“It was never about the money. I have a passion and drive,” said Conrady. “When you’re in college, you learn that being a licensed radio station is about the public’s need, interest and necessity, and I think public radio is a good example of what that is.”

While a difficult decision to give up his on-air role as well with GIANT fm, the goal of running his own radio station was more of a priority.

“Getting a chance to be part-time in 2011 and working my way up to the program director role, then we added Rochester, and being able to add director of corporate operations was great, and now it’s an opportunity to take my years of experience on to Jasper to lead that team and do what I’ve always wanted to do and lead radio stations,” said Conrady.