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Republican party identifying candidates to replace resigning councilman

The challenge ahead for the Shelby County Republican Party is to find a fitting candidate for Shelbyville’s Common Council following Tyson Conrady’s announcement that he is resigning his position as Fifth Ward representative.

Conrady has accepted a job in Jasper, Indiana, and will be relocating in late March.


Read more about Conrady's decision at: https://shelbycountypost.com/local-news/621033


While the process is black and white, finding a replacement candidate is not expected to come easily, according to Shelby County Republican Party Chairman Rob Nolley, also a member of the city’s common council.

“At the effective date of his resignation I have, by statute, 30 days to call a caucus,” said Nolley after Wednesday morning’s common council meeting at City Hall. “And once I call a caucus, I have 10 days to hold it.”

Nolley is working with other members of the Republican Party to generate a list of potential candidates.

“The people that vote on his replacement are the precinct committee people of the Fifth Ward,” said Nolley.

Past political experience is not a requirement to serve, according to Nolley. Ideally, the candidate selected would be willing to run for election when Conrady’s term expires at the end of 2023.

“Anyone is qualified if you pay attention and are involved,” said Nolley. “We want to make sure we get somebody but we have to think about next year with the election of city officials. We will want to find somebody that will be willing to run next year.”

Conrady just started the third year of his first four-year term. He defeated Democratic incumbent Jeff Wright.

“It’s hard to get people to serve,” agreed Nolley, “and the Fifth Ward from a Republican point of view is traditionally the more Democratic ward in Shelby County.”



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