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People's Convoy passes through Indiana

“Let Freedom Roll,” the phrase seen on many a sign, truck, and tractor-trailer at the Ted Everett Farm Equipment lot, at 11998 IN-39, Monrovia, IN, where the Trucker Convoy had come to rest along their route through Indiana.


Visitors to this mini festival could be heard protesting with the truckers. Many stating they have the right to make their own choices. One woman, wishing to remain anonymous, compared it to the ‘my body, my choice’ abortion rights movement. She said if a person believes a woman has the right to choose what is okay for her body when it comes to pregnancy and abortion options, then women and men both should have the right to choose if genetic manipulator is injected into their bodies. Those in the crowd around her agreed with her statements, adding in their own similar thoughts.


During an announcement to a crowd of supporters, a man called out from a makeshift stage. “We stand with all freedom fighters. Whether they are Americans, our brothers and sisters in Canada, the Ukrainians, if they are fighting for freedom, we are standing with them.” Cheering erupted from the crowd.


There were vendors at the makeshift festival selling their wares; however, many were actually giving out food and American flags for free. Kerri Cruz [Pictured left; Debby Dyer on the right], in response to the question of why she wasn’t charging for her meatball subs, stated, “That is not what this is about. This is about freedom.” Her comment caught the attention of a retired military-turned-truck driver, who asked if he could hug the ladies.



The convoy left Monrovia Thursday morning. The convoy is heading to 64279 Wintergreen Rd, Lore City, Ohio. If you are interested in tracking the convoy, they will be taking I-70 E to 465 N to I-70 E to 270 S to I70 E to Exit #186.


You can also track their movement or donate to their cause by visiting thepeoplesconvoy.org.


Debby Dyer


Michael Ewaldt




Fair and 83 F at Shelbyville Municipal Airport, IN

Winds are from the South at 19.6 gusting to 26.5 MPH (17 gusting to 23 KT). The pressure is 1014.2 mb and the humidity is 44%. The heat index is 83. Last Updated on Apr 16 2024, 1:53 pm EDT.