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Parks board frustrated by another vandalism report

The Shelbyville Parks and Recreation Department recently received good news with regard to its water bill for the Meridian Park Family Aquatic Center.

That was tempered by another act of vandalism in one of the city’s parks.

On Monday afternoon between 2 p.m. and 7 p.m., the men’s bathroom at Sunrise Park was severely damaged, forcing the parks department to spend more funds on senseless repairs and consider options, which will cost more money, to protect the city’s parks and identify the individuals causing the problem.

Parks department director Rob Van Til informed the parks board Wednesday that upgrading the security camera systems, getting estimates for automatic locks on doors and even purchasing stainless steel bathroom fixtures is under consideration.



All may factor into the parks department’s 2023 operational budget, according to Van Til.

The parks department is asking for residents who utilize the city’s parks to help identify anyone acting suspiciously or potentially doing damage. They can contact the parks department at 317-392-5128 or call the Shelbyville Police Department.

A water leak was identified at the Meridian Park Family Aquatic Center during its 2021 operational season. With the repair completed before the 2022 opening, the parks board was anxious to see the first water bill of the summer.

Van Til informed the board that bill arrived and was significantly less than a similar period in 2021. One board member estimated the facility was costing the department approximately $400 per day in 2021. The new bill reflects the cost at roughly $80 per day.

In other board business Wednesday:

  • Four benches have been installed at the pickleball courts at Kennedy Park.
  • Friday is the final day for youth summer camp at the parks department.
  • The most recent Music in the Park series drew nearly 400 people to Blue River Memorial Park. This was the second event in the series. The first event drew approximately 200 people on a night when inclement weather was in the forecast.