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Injured bald eagle helped by Shelby Co. deputy, animal shelter

If someone had told Deputy Justin Parker of the Shelby County Sheriff’s Department that in his occupation he might face situations such as life or death down to helping change a person’s tire in the middle of the night he probably would have agreed that was certainly possible.


But help save the life of a bald eagle?  That’s exactly what happened last week.



Parker says the initial call about the eagle actually came in the night before.



So, it turned out there were no conservation officers nearby to help.



Parker says the Shelbyville Shelby County Animal Shelter responded to help. This was their first such experience, too.



Parker says there was nothing obvious at the scene as to how the eagle was injured.  Contact with a passing car is a possibility.



At last check, the eagle was responding well.  Hopes are to repair the wing and then send hime home.



Update: Parker provided an injury report via social media. The eagle has a broken collarbone but is otherwise healthy and eating. Recovery time could be as short as 3-4 weeks or as much as three months.